Thursday, June 7, 2012

we're going to have a mexico!

ok a few updates to get out of the way.  i returned to my job at the pig farm.  i attempted to quit by email telling my boss that i couldnt work 50 hours a week first shift anymore with such a large family and sitter bill.  i told him that maybe if i could work different hours and part time i could probably stay. (there are no other shifts, or part time people)  So i thought i would be told no that it wasnt possible and i would feel ok to quit at that point.  instead they LOVED the idea! so, my own special valerie hours are 3:30 to 7:30 or 8:00 or 8:30, whenever valerie feels valerie hours are over.  my sole purpose there is to help the sows who may have difficulties having their babies, drying babies, making sure the babies are nursing and warm and happy.  i do some laundry and  other odd jobs sometimes.  my job is to walk, and walk and walk.  up and down the hall, up and down the back of each side of each room.  i work all alone.  i thought i might be scared but im not.  i actually LOVE me time!  after all day with the kids at home i have no problems going.  sadly, compared to home its quiet.  first week back my feet were hurting, now im good.
anyway, back to my title.  after 5 kids john says we are done.  heck he said we were done after 4 hehe.  pregnancy was something special to me, as it is to most im sure.  i loved each new week knowing something big was happening.  i always have gotten pregnant easy, stayed pregnant easy, had easy births, etc.  i guess pregnancy is just kind of "my thing".  im trying to get used to the fact that i cant do my thing anymore.  so, i had a great idea.  im giving myself a "due date."  its in march of next year.  its 9 months from now.  its diet time!  each week will be exciting as in pregnancy.  each week i WILL have accomplished something!  and at the end, i am going to mexico!  and, maybe i will just wear a two piece suit lol.  so as in pregnancy, each week will be exciting with one big huge thing happening at the end :)  the april following my march due date is john;s and my 5 year anniversary too, so something special was in order anyway
granted, this isnt the first time i have dieted.  actually just before i got pregnant for atticus i had just lost 60 pounds.  oopsy.  so, i know what i am doing and how to do it.  this time i think it may be the easiest for a few reasons.  being as how i am alone at work there will be no donuts or cakes for birthdays.  theres no vending machines.  what i bring for my dinner there is what there is.  cant cheat if i dont bring bad stuff! not to mention all the walking i do is like free exercise.  i am on day four of operation lose this weight...again. so far, so perfect.  i have an app on my phone called "lose it"  its awesome!  i recommend.. you track all your food and it has it all stored with graphs and how much you have eaten and may still eat.  you add your exercises etc.  also has a bar scanner so you just scan the food and it puts it all in for you.  it really is nice.  last time i used a food journal and it helped a lot.  same thing, just less writing :)
i took my parade of kids for a walk today.  felt like longer but we walked .7 miles.  i pushed the two little ones in the stroller and the other 3 walked.  its good for us all to get moving. i plan for us to walk daily as we try to get into a routine.  i jump on the elliptical too as atticus and his non stop eating allows lol
so, things at home are busy but i feel they are going well.  and after i lose 60 more pounds and go to mexico, maybe ill just get pregnant there, ok john?

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  1. you had me right up until the last line... No. that is not okay. ;-)